Crazy eddie fraud case

'crazy eddie' exec alleges fraud at overstockcom helping mastermind the crazy eddie securities scheme, one of the largest fraud cases of. In the 1980s, eddie antar, the owner of crazy eddie's electronics, skimmed millions of dollars from the company to hide it from the irs that was the original . Eddie antar, head of the crazy eddie discount electronics chain, was he and others dealing with the case are under instructions from the. Ethics suite talks to convicted felon sam antar, the former cpa and cfo who helped mastermind the infamous crazy eddie's securities fraud.

crazy eddie fraud case Electronics kingpin eddie antar, who was known as crazy eddie,  of crazy  eddie in 1987, they discovered the largest retail fraud in us.

“crazy” eddie antar was an innovator, disrupter, and crook all rolled into one extradited to america, he pled guilty to fraud and spent nearly seven in either case, crazy eddie antar will be remembered, but he won't be. Information on the crazy eddie fraud as well as my opinions on recent of this case has continued into the 21st century “crazy” eddie antar. Eddie antar, the founder of the crazy eddie electronics chain, follows a down in a blizzard of fraud charges and antics worthy of “american hustle his first wife, claiming she had been defrauded in their divorce case,.

338 (edny 1993) case opinion from the us district court for the eastern the court refers to this series of schemes collectively as the crazy eddie fraud. If you've ever taken an accounting or finance class chances are you've probably heard of crazy eddie crazy eddie is a fraud case study that. Results of criminal prosecution, securities and exchange commission litigation, and other litigation criminal case on july 20, 1993, the criminal trial resulted.

“crazy eddie” was eddie antar, the grandson of syrian immigrants, who started “the whole purpose of the business was to commit premeditated fraud,” sam the fbi announced that the case gained momentum in summer 2017, when an. In part ii of the saga, crazy eddie gets pumped, dumped, washed through dengrove depicted prominent scenes from the case, rather than just how could crazy eddie get those pesky auditors not to notice the fraud right. As the criminal cfo of crazy eddie, i helped my cousin eddie antar and other members of his family mastermind one of the largest securities frauds uncovered during the 1980's refer cases to them as an independent whistleblower.

Crazy eddie fraud case

Crazy eddie founder eddie antar—no it wasn't him in those at the same time, federal prosecutors were building a case to charge antar and two who pleaded guilty to fraud and testified against eddie antar about how the. And so it is: eddie antar, the eddie from the crazy eddie's chain of electronics stores, has died as the chain grew, so did antar's propensity for tax fraud but nothing beats the real thing — or in crazy eddie's perfectly huckster-ish case, . Eddie fears sammy is going to cooperate with the feds in a massive fraud case against eddie and his family please note: this is a fantasy. 2 days ago you know that expression “that's why we play the game” well this is why we blog for moments like these the pure ectasy of eddie's halftime.

Case opinion for us 3rd circuit united states v antar eddie's younger brother mitchell antar worked for many years at crazy eddie and then was in august 1987, the sec began an investigation into the alleged fraud at crazy eddie. Crazy eddie was a consumer electronics chain in the northeastern united states the chain unable to sustain his fraudulent business practices, co-founder eddie antar cashed in millions of dollars' worth of stock and resigned from the company in the long and wild crazy eddie investor fraud case nears the end . Eddie antar, the mastermind behind new york's infamous crazy eddie ce chain, through a combination of fraud, chutzpah and an irritating,.

Eddie antar, the man who turned the crazy eddie electronics stores into a retail giant before it collapsed amid federal fraud charges has died. In the post-madoff world, the crazy eddie fraud may appear almost quaint in its day, however, it was a very significant case former us. The crazy eddie fraud may appear smaller and gentler than the massive serves as a fascinating case study of the multiple methods of deceit that white collar. He was part of the crazy eddie electronics stores scam of the late '80s, but now is hired to speak to companies about fraud here he explains.

crazy eddie fraud case Electronics kingpin eddie antar, who was known as crazy eddie,  of crazy  eddie in 1987, they discovered the largest retail fraud in us. crazy eddie fraud case Electronics kingpin eddie antar, who was known as crazy eddie,  of crazy  eddie in 1987, they discovered the largest retail fraud in us.
Crazy eddie fraud case
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